Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I am important

I can almost hear them.
Debating what to do.
They want to get to Jesus;
But the crowd is so thick, 
There's no space squeeze through.
The paraplegic, in his state of great need;
Consults with his friends, I should wait my turn. 
My need is no greater than anyones in there.
His friends see through his humble excuse.
You are important.
You are worth it.
You deserve the attention of the King.
He is reminded of his value.
Not greater than any of those inside;
But not less.
If he wants to see the King,
He will have the King.
They start creating a plan to get past the crowd.
All the while trying to reconcile the idea of, who am I to make my way to the front?
No; I am plenty worth it.
Just as worth it.
Then one of them had a genius yet ridiculous idea:
The roof.
They crawled their way onto the roof. 
They dug their way through the roof, through the tiles.
And they lowered the paraplegic and his mat,
Right into the middle of the crowd.
Right smack dab in front of Jesus.
For a brief second the doubt rolled in.
Wasn't this terriblly selfish of me?
Who am I to place myself right in front of Jesus?
Bypass the crowds?
Who am I to think myself in enough need?
Who am I to think myself important enough?
Just then, Jesus' eyes turned to him.
His attention, directed full on.
"My friend,"
The paraplegic felt His love.
"My friend, your sins are forgiven."
I am important.
I am worth it.
My need matters.
I matter.
It's not about who matters more.
It's about that I matter.
That I'm important.
Holding the attention of the King.

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