Thursday, May 28, 2015

He is...Rest

You have no idea what true Rest is.
You think it's a break from work;
A time to do nothing;
A time to sit;
A break from the busyness;
A break from the stress;
From the constant go.
Only soon to discover--
You're bored.
There's not enough to do.
What do you do when there's nothing to do?
All the sudden--
An intentional decision "to rest" 
Leads to just a different form of unrest.
Your soul--
Left, again, unsatisfied.
So is Rest found in your doing?
So is Rest found in your not doing?
You sit and do nothing with Rest.
You work your 80 hour week with Rest.
You've done this before.
And I patiently wait for you to awaken to Me here.
I know you will.
You can only chase after fulfillment elsewhere for so long;
Until you realize it's in Me.
It's always in Me.
You'll be back.
You're hungry.
You're thirsty.
Come to the Waters.
Come. Buy. Eat.
You know better than to spend money on what is not Bread.
You know better than to labor on what does not satisfy.
Do you hear that?
Do you hear Me?
Listen to Me.
Eat what is good.
And your soul will delight. 
Your soul will delight in the richest of fare.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Get close to Me.

Stop trying to strategize your way out of this.
Or into this.
Reward system.
They all sound well and good.
Spiritual even.
But when they fail they bring you back around to disappointment.
To frustration.
To not being good enough.
To demotivation.
And I hate to see you sitting in that.
There's a better way.

You know this.
You've done this before.
Remember when you had not yet overcome that past behavior?
Remember when you would try this method and that method?
Remember the boundaries you would set up for yourself?
Remember how time and again that failed?
Remember how you stopped trying to control behavior?
Remember how you began to just be...with Me.
Learning Me.
Still stumbling along the way.
But beautifully stumbling.
Stumbling less and less
as being in My presence began to sync your heartbeat with Mine.
Because it was never about behavior management.
The source of the problem is never the behavior.
The source is always not enough face-time with Me.
The source is not knowing My heart.
The source is distance.
Get close to Me.
Get close.
And those behaviors will begin to no longer fit.
You won't have to try to stop them.
You will, instead, not want them.
Get close to Me.
Get close.
And eventually you won't have to try to be something you want to be.
All of Me in you will simply burst forth.
More and more.
You won't be able to hold it in if you wanted to.
That's what a heart close to Mine looks like.
Get close to Me.
Get close.
Get so close.
Soak Me in.
Wake up.
With an empty stomach.
Eyes set on the buffet before you.
And run to be the first in line to fill your plate.
Get close to Me.
Get close.
It's simple.
Get close to Me.