Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I AM...a climber

This has really been rolling around in me today.  So here it goes...my thoughts...in no particular order...

"Running does not get us over the mountain...climbing gets us there...let's embrace what's in front of us.  It's worth it.  We're worth it."

Friends, pursue Jesus. 
Pursue the person of Jesus.
We are left unsatisfied.
Because we seek something other than the person of Jesus.
Let's not go running looking for something else.
Let's STAY looking for HIM.

Children who have forgotten who they are, run.
They run looking for something.
Looking for themselves.
Looking for fulfillment.
We think the way to get what we want is to run. 
To go find it.
It is already HERE!  Right in FRONT of us.
He is HERE!  He is right in FRONT of us!

We can't run.
We have GOT to stay in this.
We must.
Jesus has GOOD things for us.
We MUST push through.
That He is a good Father.
A Father who knows what's best.
Who wants what's best.

Jesus' face is right there IN the mountain. 
He's IN the mountain. 
Metaphorically and physically.
Like, I literally see His face in the mountain like the faces in Mount Rushmore. 

If we keep running from mountains, we will only ever experience one location.
One side.
One perspective.
Eventually we will have to climb.
If we want the other side, we will eventually be forced to climb.
Even if we run, eventually we will run back into the same mountain miles down the road.

Stop running Ashley.
Stop running **insert your name here**.

It's worth it.
The view at the top is worth it.
The journey is worth it.
The other side is worth it.
He is worth it.
You are worth it.

We must embrace the mountain.
We must stop trying to pray away the mountain.
We must stop trying to "move the mountain."
(yes I know that verse says that faith can move mountains...but I think most mountains are not meant to be moved.)

You do not climb alone.
Grab a friend's hand. 
Grab the Father's hand. 
And climb.
Set your eyes on the Jesus that is there with you IN the mountain.
And climb.

We are climbers.
...I am a climber.