Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I AM trusted.

Father has been talking to me lately:
"I trust YOU."
"It's not about making a 'wrong' decision here."
"What do YOU want to do?"
"What do YOU want?"

We are scared to be given authority, let alone walk in it.
The thought of failing or messing up seems much more detrimental than perhaps it is in actuality.
But He has GIVEN us authority.
He WANTS us to walk in it.
It is His JOY to have us walk in it (EVEN if we mess it up!)
That authority,
that freedom,
releases us to fully become.
It prepares us to be able to carry more.
Steward more.
More. And more.

The very thing, as a child, I asked of from the Father:
To have the power, the choice.
And now, when given that --
My initial reaction is to shrink back.
To say, "No."
To cry out for someone to guide me.
To cry out for someone to tell me what to do.

I am scared.
It's scary to me.

and yet I still hear Him whisper, "I trust you."
He trusts me.
I am trusted.
When I have His heart---I go and HE follows ME!

...now I just need to figure out where to go...