Thursday, April 30, 2015


Among those who believe:

I don't think miracles were meant to be these grand events that we stand in awe over. 
I think they were meant to take care of a natural need so that we could move on to focus on higher things; 
on bigger things. 
They were meant to provide, as needed, while we are expanding. 
So we can expand. 

Miracles are easy. 
Jesus didn't have to do much of anything and sometimes literally nothing and they just happened. 
Have faith and let them happen so we can tackle the bigger things of the kingdom. 

Just like the disciples He must train us into this.
He must train us into miracles being the norm. 
Being easy.
And sometimes as we are learning we may hear Him encourage us forward,
"Oh you of little faith." 
And we will be reminded that we need not worry about the natural things.
For He provides. 
Naturally and miraculously. 
However needed.
We can and must move on and beyond. 
We must expand. 
There is so much more land to occupy.

Why do you worry?  
About what you will wear;
what you will eat;
what you will drink.
Oh you of little faith.
Your Father is with you.

Peter sees Jesus on the water.
Steps out of the boat.
Walks on the water.
Then begins to sink.
Oh you of little faith.
Your Father is with you.

Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.
Oh crap, does that mean we should have brought bread with us?
Oh you of little faith.
Did I not just miraculously feed the 5 thousand?
Did I not just miraculously feed the 4 thousand?
And you are still worried about not having brought bread with you?
Oh you of little faith.
Your Father is with you.
Is your faith for the provision of these natural things not yet solidified in Him? 
Rather, concern yourselves with advancement of the kingdom.
With guarding against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees. 

Jesus, my child has a demon.
Your disciples could not cast it out.
Oh unbelieving and perverse generation.
How long shall I stay with you?
Oh you of little faith. 
With even the faith of a mustard seed,
you could tell this mountain to move.
And it would move.

These things are simple, my disciples.
You must learn them.
These things can no longer stand in the way.
We have bigger things to do.
Places to go.
Land to occupy.
We do not move the mountain for an awe factor among believers.
We move it because it's in the way.
The awe factor is in the work done after the mountain has been moved. 
So yes;
Have faith.
Move mountains.
Heal the sick.
Walk on water.
Feed thousands with a few loaves and fish.
And then dive deeper into the kingdom.
Advance the kingdom.
Woo hearts with My heart.
Love with My Love.
Here are the miracles I long to be among you.
Here are the miracles I long for you to see; to be.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


We all have them.
They come; they go.
High; low.
Good; bad.
Happy; sad.
Fulfilling; draining.
Fleeting feelings; persistent feelings.
Feelings that confirm and remind us who we are;
And feelings that try to convince us otherwise.
And if we try and might them to come and go as we desire
--they resist our efforts ever more strongly.
We fear if we let them stay
--they will eat us alive.
--they will bring us deeper into the pit we already dwell in.
But maybe;
Maybe if we let them stay;
Maybe if we let them stay, 
but don’t give them the floor;
Maybe if we let them stay, 
but don’t give them room to influence our responses;
Maybe if we let them stay, 
while we rest in Him;
…we will begin to reign.
…we will begin to rule our hearts.
Joy and peace are not dependent on our situation.
“How we are doing” is not dependent on how we are feeling.
Maybe if we let them stay, 
but don’t let them rule. 
Maybe if we live and operate out of who we are, 
right where we are, 
in the midst of the feelings 
(that are opposite of our identity);
Maybe we will learn their place and role.
Maybe we can allow them to teach us; 
mature us.
Maybe we can allow them to expand our awareness of ourselves; 
and of others; 
and of the Lord.
Maybe if we let them stay, 
we’ll find they won’t stay as long.
We’ll find that they get bored; 
and that they move on.
We’ll find that they get frustrated and no longer fit.
We’ll find that their presence, 
or lack of presence,
Has no bearing on us.
No bearing on who we are.
No bearing on who others are.
No bearing on who the Lord is.
I don’t want to just make them go away.
I want to live abundantly amidst them;
I want to be taught; 
to be matured.
Nothing wasted; 
not even feelings.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Owl & Crown

Inside-- an empty room.
Windows filled with thick smoke.
Everything outside the room-- burning.
Inside-- it's just me and Him.

No more than a foot and a half tall.
Dark, perfect feathers.
Confident and bold stature. 
Piercing eyes.
Cocked head;
Intentional, slow, soft steps.

He looks at me.
Circles me.
Keeping His eyes on me.
My body turns
--as He circles behind me and I follow His gaze.

I'm not scared.
I'm not intimidated.
But I do feel the authority.
I do know the weight that He carries.
And my attention responds accordingly.

Crown upon His head.
He takes His crown off.
Places the crown on My head.
Spreads His wings out 
to the left and to the right.
Bows His head to the ground.
This is weighty.

He begins to climb upon My arm.
Talons steadying His ascent to My shoulder.
He turns to face forward as I am.
Side by side.
Next to Me.
Claiming Me.
His vision.
My vision.
Our vision.

We walk over to the window.
The smoke that once blocked all sight;
slowly begins to clear.

We gaze at the land outside.
Everything is burnt.
And it's beautiful.
It's Ours.
And already small buds and spots of green 
are beginning to appear in various places.

Son--this land is Your land.
This land is Our land.
Where I go.
He goes.
We go.
The crown is on My head.
I carry the authority.
He trusts Me.
May I not walk lightly.