Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am...worth possessing

I've been here before.
So aware of my flaws,
that I almost live in those flaws in a place of constant awareness.
Oh that I would be more aware of the treasure in me.
So aware of my value,
That I would live in constant awareness of that treasure.
That I would stop seeing myself as a burden to you.
But as heavy valuable gold worth possessing.
I am worth your bearing with me in this season.
I am worth your discipline.  
I am worth your patience.
I am worth your love.
I am worth your seeing Him in me along the way.
Don't abandon me.
Don't discard of me among the rugged stones to be trampled on.
I belong in the lavish palaces along with the other sparkling gems.
And I'll make my way back there.
Leave the door unlocked.
Leave the window open.
Trust the Father with me.
Trust that He has rooted Himself in my heart.
And that He's just cleaning house;
spraying His perfume in every nook and cranny until the aroma never leaves.
Trust Him with me.
Trust that I am learning.
Trust that I am forward steady;
despite what my dramatic expressions may indicate.
I am worth it.
I am so worth it.
heavy. valuable. gold. --worth possessing.