Saturday, February 11, 2012

I AM....interested in being interesting.

I wanted to title this, "I AM...interesting."  Because, well, I am.  But then, the reason I am writing today is to discuss a list of things I am interested in pursuing, but I'm not yet.  So, when I look at the list at who I think I am truly to be, I think to myself, "wow I'm pretty interesting."  And I am, but at present I am more interested in being interesting.  Not for the sake of being interesting, but for the sake of wanting to pursue this list despite my many failed attempts.  Confused yet? 

Well, here's my list.'s my heart.  Allow me to spill it out for you:

learn spanish.
learn chinese.
get children's book published.
learn sign language.
have a tea party.
learn to play the violin.
be more active.
do orienteering competitions.
try out for a play.
drink lots of water.
write more neatly.
read more.  for fun.
try letterboxing.
complete small tasks right away.
paint a big wall painting (if even on large butcher paper instead of an actual wall.)
decorate an awesome cake for someone who'd super want it.
create a math worksheet website.
play twister.
learn how to do math super fast in myhead.
take a graphic design class.
learn to swing dance.
keep my clothes cleaned up.
more regular intimacy with god.
clean house more regularly.
pursue husband more intentionally.

I have another list of things I "want to want" but, I figured this list was currently closer to my reach.  What can I say, I'm currently more motivated by not as challenging goals.  I'll cross that mountain or small hill when I'm ready.  (This is me, not yet ready.  Heck I don't even know if I'm truly ready to tackle this list.)

Some of these I have been tackling (and by some I mean like one or two.)  But most have been either left untouched or left tried a few times and then my lack of motivation and discipline left them in a corner somewhere collecting dust.  Does that mean I'm not truly interested in these things?  Or am I going about it the wrong way?  I feel rather elementary being stuck on those questions.  As if that's something I should have figured out years ago.  Hello.  My name is Ashley and I'm trying this new thing where I'm being real with myself about where I'm currently at.  And this is where I'm at.  

I'm thinking I could be more motivated to complete certain tasks if I had someone going with me at the same time.  Pursuing the same thing.  So, if anyone is interested in being interesting in any of the areas above, let me know.  We can walk together.