Friday, September 7, 2012

I AM... strong and courageous

Moses is dead.

Why do you keep focusing on that part?

Joshua, it's time to go.  Be strong and courageous.

About a year ago, God impressed on my heart that there was a move coming.  I believed it was a physical move. A physical move of our life to a different state, a different location.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxious about it.  All I could think was, "We're not ready."  "We need the people here." "Would God move us before we're ready?" "Did I not adequately prepare for this?" Anxious questions turned into pleas to not move us before we were ready, before we were prepared.  

God asked me, "When did the Israelites move?" 

The Israelites moved twice.  They moved out of Egypt into the Wilderness.  And they moved out of the Wilderness and into the Promised Land.

God said, "When did they move into the Promised Land?"

I studied it out, and the first thing I read about the move to the Promised Land was, "Moses is dead."

Hmm.  Moses is dead.  Not gonna lie, I didn't see what this had to do with anything.  Eventually, some clarity rolled in.  Moses is dead.  Joshua's on board.  An old season is over.  A new season is ahead.

Regardless of seasons ending or beginning, this "move" was still not sitting well with me.


Now a year later, God speaks these same words to me.

I believe my first words to God in the current conversation were,  "I know you like to 'come in a whisper,' but you're going to have to shout as loud as a hurricane for me to hear you on this one, cause I can't hear you."

God:  You can hear me, you're just not listening.

Me:  *moment of intentional listening*

God starts to speak. Without divulging all of the details, he eventually says, "That's what courage is.  You can't have courage with something that is easy.  Be strong and courageous."

Me:  hmm.

God:  Moses is dead.

FLASHBACK.  We already had this conversation.

Me:  Moses is dead.  Moses is dead.  Why does this phrase have such a connection to my heart.  Why can't I let go of it?  Moses is dead.

God: Why do you keep focusing on that part?  "Moses is dead." Joshua, it's time to go.  Be strong and courageous.

You see, I think there has been a plan for a move all along, but not a physical one.  The Israelites move was a physical one (and a spiritual, emotional, etc. one).  But my move isn't a physical move.  I need to stop focusing on what's dead and instead, step into my "Joshua" role and have the strength and courage to take us to this next place.  To lead with God into the Promised Land.

"Do not be afraid.  Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go...only be strong and courageous."  An unclaimed inheritance is awaiting me.  I must go.  I must be strong and courageous.

I am...strong and courageous.