Friday, September 18, 2015

I found Your Love in the open fields

The Father Himself.
Holding the giant sheet above my head.
Above our heads.
Before, we held it up together as a body.
Before, we held it up and filled in when others were feeling unable to lift their hands to hold it.
But now;
Now, He holds it.
And Angels.
At every entrance to the house.
They are holding it.
And we are all dancing under it.
Free to go and be.
For we have greater things to do.
And we can't be concerned with holding this covering.
They will hold it for us.
And as we dance beneath His covering;
The Angels watch.
They learn of His heart from us.
They see more of Him then ever before as we are released in freedom;
Not concerned with the weight.
And He smiles;
Watching us in our freedom.
Watching His Angels watch us.
We dance in Him;
In freedom.
We realize how big the field is when we lower our hands;
And let go of the weight;
And grab a hold of Him.

There's no shame;
In looking like a fool.
When I give You what I can't keep;
And take a hold of You.

More than words.
More than good ideas.
I found Your Love in the open fields."

Oh may My heart be seen.
This Love [this Bride] that carries Me.

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